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Do Qt creator have related analysis tools?

  • Whether Qt creator have related analysis tools? If Qt creator have some analysis tool, could you introduce them to me? Like memery leak analysis tool, tace analysis tool(similar symbian OST(trace viewer,ect)), or something other

  • memory leak tools are heavily platform dependant. There are none inside QtCreator. You could search the forum for such tools, there already were discussions about that.

  • i could not find related anaysis tools, could you introduce some analysis tools to me?

  • What platform are you on?

  • i download Nokia SDK beta 1.1, OS is windows xp and windows 7 64 bit

  • Gerolf: Actually valgrind support was recently added to Qt Creator... which of course is Linux only, but it does lay the groundwork for adding more tools. The problem is to find good tools with a compatible license that we can ship as part of the SDK on non-Linux platforms.

  • If you find some for windows, please let me know. The only ones I know that are good are commercial :-(

  • you mean now there is no analysis tool could be used by qt creator in windows platform, then, do you have any plan make some analysis tools could be used by qt ceator in windows platform in future?

  • While integration in QtCreator might be a 'nice to have', I don't think it is a 'must have'. What is stopping you from using any other analysis tool out there to analyze your Qt-based software?

  • I am a member of F1help group of nokia , i will make a TV demo about how to use analysis tool in qt project, so i need these information

  • you can use the tools outside creator. Some of the comercial windows tools are also not integrated inot MSVS but can be used with MSVS binaries.

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