Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library : Debug Assertion Failed!

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with MS 2012R2/Qt Creator 3.3,VS2013 Prof./CDB 8.1 X64

    When I start to debug in Creator, I get a message: (sorry, I cannot add a picture)

    Program: C:\Windows\System32\msvcp120D.dll
    e:\Qt\Programs\msvc2013u4_ce_portable\msvc\include\xutility Line: 3052

    Expression: invalid iterator range.

    The funny is, I have no e:\qt....
    And it looks, windows ce is targeted. I also have no CE.
    Using VS 2013 in Windows 2008R2 is fine...

    Any Idea ?


    P.S. And debugging is absolute slow....

    I forgot: Qt 5.3.2 X64 and Qt 5.4.0 X64

    X86 works slowly but without the message above...

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