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Mac App Store deployment. General question how to add Qt frameworks in app bundle.

  • Hi,

    i have a general problem deploying my application to apple using the application loader.
    After creating my app bundle using macdeployqt the qt frameworks are at correct place in my bundle,
    for example:
    @my.app/Contents/Frameworks/QtCore.framework ...@

    The Info.plist file of the QtCore.framework contains @“org.qt-project.QtCore”@

    Now the problem. If is use application loader to send my pkg file i get the error:

    @ITMS-9000 Bundle identifier mismatch@
    saying that the Qt fremeworks inside my bundle have identifier @“org.qt-project.QtCore”@ but trying to sign
    with bundle id "de.test.MyApp" (the identifier of my app)

    Any idea how to solve this? I just want to deploy the qt frameworks as they are within my bundle....


  • Sign the framework with the identifier specified in the frameworks plist, not your apps.

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