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Debugging with Qt Creator and Cdb on Windows

  • Hi,

    I'm using Qt - Creator 2.0 on Windows7 64Bit with the Studio 2010 Compiler. As Creator told me, i installed the latest debugging helpers from Microsoft. But the following problem also occured on my old computer with Creator 2.0 and Studio 2005.

    Now when i'm debugging, it works quite fine, until I have a ByteArray or a large string in my current context. Qt-Creator freezes then, and 1 single step like @bool a = true;@ takes about almost 30 seconds.

    Do other users have same Problems? Am I doing something wrong? can i get it faster?



  • I'm facing the same performance issues when debugging with Qt Creator & CDB on Windows.

    Any help?



  • problem is still existing. No one has an idea?

  • Switching off the "Debugger Helpers" should make it much faster, but also less useful. This only affects cdb and does not occur with MinGW/gdb.

  • indeed i want to use them 8(

  • Loading the Debugger helpers should be faster in Qt Creator 2.0.1
    A possible problem could be that there were watch expressions left behind in the session settings.
    Qt Creator pre-2.0 used to have watch expressions for CDB, but they were really slow and useful only for scalar expressions. They were disabled in 2.0. You could try to start a new session to get rid off all remains.

  • thanks for your reply, i will check it out.

  • on a first look with the daily creator snap shot from yesterday, it is much faster now, but u cant look into local variable as good as before. But thats perhabs only a wrong setting i will make further investigations during the weekend.

  • Damn it, debugging with QtCreator + CDB is so awful that I even don't bother hitting F5. In best case, I should wait 30+ seconds just to start the app, sometime even several minutes. I can't add a variable in a watch list because QtCreator freezes for a very very long time. I can't even switch to VS because VS Addin is a crap and discontinued. So, I just wanted to say that, us, windows developers doesn't have a debugger :(

  • I agree with Davita.
    For me the problem is still existing. Any Help?

    Thanks, Daniel

  • I would recommend creating a Jira -task including the debugger log (Window/Views/Debugger Log) and ideally a small code example.

    Generally, we recommend using a recent 64bit version of CDB on 64bit systems and configuring the symbol server.

  • Thanks Friedemann, but what if we want to use x86 toolchain with Windows x64?
    I create an issue in Jira, following your recommendations.


  • The 64bit debugger should also be able to debug 32bit applications. This is just a recommendation though - we noticed that the 32bit debugger tends to more cause issues under 64bit Windows.

  • You are right. I just noticed that QtCreator uses x64 CDB for x86 qt build even when x86 debugging tools are present. So the problem is still present, even for x64 CDB.

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