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[Solved] New .ui.qml template

  • Probably a bit of a n00b question, but with Qt Creator 3.3 and Qt 5.4, creating a new "QtQuick UI File" from a template results in a MyFile.qml/MyFile.ui.qml pair. Qt Creator suggests the .ui.qml file should only be edited in the design view.

    I did a quick search through the examples that comes with Qt 5.4 and none of them have use .ui.qml files. Is the idea to factor logic in the .qml and pure UI controls in .ui.qml? If so, are there some examples illustrating how to do this? I've looked at the examples that come with Qt 5.4 and none of them seem to use the .ui.qml convention.

  • My mistake, when presented with the "MyFileForm" automatic name, I deleted "Form". Obviously the correct thing to do is keep that suffix, then the use of these files is obvious.

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