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QOpenGLWidget works on Desktop but not on Ios

  • So I upgraded to Qt 5.4 yesterday and am stuck. In Qt 5.3, I was using QGLWidget as my layer for openGL. Everything worked fine on desktop, iOS and Android.

    With Qt 5.4, my applications QGLWidget issues a bunch of errors on the iOS and then aborts the application (Spits out about 10 or so errors having to do with sockets). So I thought, I'll switch to QOpenGLWidget. On the desktop, everything seems to work fine. But on iOS (I haven't tried android yet), I get this nice little error message:

    @QOpenGLWidget is not supported on this platform.@

    So, now I'm stuck. I'm currently debating whether to go back to Qt 5.3 and continue working. Hoping someone can help figure out whats going on. Or I just continue to thrash til I find a solution.

    As a side note, I attempted to run a couple of OpenGL examples shipped with Qt 5.4 and they all issue the same error on iPhone! Wow! Somethings not right here.

  • I'm curious what approach you ended up following. I'm in a similar situation, and must use 5.4 for ArcGIS functionality. The 5.5 release notes imply that QOpenGLWidget will still not be included, which is discouraging. I'd prefer not to kludge something that works based on QGLWidget, which is going away....

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