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Qt Assistant as help viewer in Visual Studio

  • Is there a way to setup Visual Studio to use Qt Assistant instead of the so-called "Microsoft Help Viewer"? I mean when I press F1 on some C++ class.
    I have VS 2013 and Qt VS add-in.

    Qt offline documentation works in MS Help Viewer, but the program is a real pain in the *ss (for example, the text search is really buggy and F3 doesn't work).

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    No, you can only set it as a custom external tool, but that won't give you the content for the word under cursor.

    What problems do you have with Help Viewer exactly?
    Yes, the keyboard shortcuts are different, for example to find next press Enter again and not F3.

  • The problem is that it really sucks:

    There is no keyboard shortcut for Find Next. Enter works only when search popup is open and only when I'm lucky.

    Search doesn't work properly. Very often I press Ctrl F, type my word and hit Enter. There is no response in the UI.

    Help doesn't work when cursor is on methods or objects.

    Clicking on class members in Help Viewer mostly won't take me to member documentation, it just takes me to the class page positioned on top.

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    @Muby There's nothing special to do. Installing the addin also installs the help. Which version of Qt/plugin/VS do you have?

    @ondrejandrej - well there's no way to set a custom help viewer in VS AFAIK. Maybe a plugin "like this":https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/a0c66cb5-5d6d-46ab-b169-273dec17eb24 could be of help to you? You could set it up to open the online help (if that is an option for you).

  • I use Visual Studio 2013 with QT 5.3 or 5.4 and the last QTVSAddin

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