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How to "fix" the transparent row-number column of a QTable?

  • I'm setting my QTableView to setAutoFillBackground(true), but its left-most column
    (that displays the row numbers) is transparent after the last row.

    For example, if my QTable is in a red widget and I only have 3 rows, below the 3rd row I'd see red
    in the row-number column, but the rest are the background color of the QTable (white for example).

    This happens on Windows 7, but not on CentOS.

  • What you see on the left (and on the top) is actually a QHeaderView. Secure access to that view through QTableView::verticalHeader(), and try playing with the settings of this QHeaderView. I am not sure if this can be controlled, but if it can, it can be from here.

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