[Solved][By using alternative] How to get Windows UUID?

  • Can someone teach me on how to use QUuid ?
    I already tried multiple times using GUID.
    I simply doesn't really understand the explaination in the documentation.
    I tried to find example using the 'Search' button on the right top, but I don't get any example on how to use GUID really well.
    Hope you can help me.
    Thanks in advance.

  • UUID is "Universally Unique Identifier":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/quuid.html#details

    In the simplest case whenever you need to identify something uniquely you call
    QUuis id = QUuid::createUuid();
    and then use that id.
    It can be a key in a QMap or QHash

    If you need a string with uuid that looks like "67C8770B-44F1-410A-AB9A-F9B5446F13EE" then
    QString id = QUuid::createUuid().toString();
    And again use that id string.

  • Thanks for your explaination.
    Yes, I understand on that part on how to create by using QUuid.

    But, in my case, I want to get my Windows UUID.
    I notice that in the QUuid have a function get the UUID using

    QUuid::operator GUID() const

    In what way I can use the GUID?
    Because the function does not return any datatype.

  • Maybe you guys can ignored this post.
    I already get the serial number of the pc by using QProcess. :)

  • Glad you solved it.

    Microsoft uses UUID to generate Windows serial numbers.
    It is not possible to read Windows serial number using QUuid.

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