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Which tag/branch should I choose for a custom modification

  • hi,
    I am developing a software-prototype and like do some custom modification to the qt therefor. I choose qit to manage my modifications in a branch. I like only to care about released versions, like the 4.7.2 and later the successor (4.7.3?) .
    Should I use the tag "v4.7.2" as base of our branch?
    Or should I use the branch "4.7-stable" ?

    thanks in advance

  • Try chatting directly with some Qt developer on IRC. Freenode network, channel #qt-labs : irc://irc.freenode.net/qt-labs

  • If you don't want "bleeding edge" features, branch from tag.

    That's what we do here : we have a public repository, and our main branch.
    git checkout v4.6.2 -b 4.6.2-Patched

    Hack, cherry-pick some changes for backport, tag, push to some public repository...

    When we want to port our changes to a new version:
    git pull
    git checkout v4.7.1 -b 4.7.1-Patched
    git merge 4.6.2-Patched

    Here you go, brand new version with your patches :-)

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