Adding Qt Sources to GDB on linux

  • Hi all,

    i try to set up the gdb such that i can debug into qt sources from my library.
    I have Qt 5.3.2 installed (including sources) in ~/Software/Qt.
    Adding the sources via 'Add Qt Sources' button in the options menu does not lead to success.
    It adds the source path /var/tmp/qt-src and targetPath ~/Software/Qt/5.3/Src which is correct.
    But I can't step into the sources. What do i have to configure as source path?
    "Here": is stated it has to be configured as "In the Source path field, specify the source path in the debug information of the executable as reported by the debugger." Unfortunately i don't know what that means.

    How to continue?

    Thank you!


  • You need to use debug build of Qt to make debugger to step into the Qt sources.

    I don't think that Qt from comes with debug info.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your response! You are absolutely right, i link against release libraries. Since the windows build comes with debug libraries i did not check that.
    Is there a way to add these libraries without building them on my own?


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