Button hovering

  • HI all,

    I was following "Video tutorial ":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0CDMtfefB4 on "Qt mouce events on a qlabel".
    It was great when i hovered over one label the color changed on another label.

    and that got me thinking if i can do the same with a button and yes i can.

    Thar are Tree things i don't like about this approach.

    1. it take a lot of code to handle the mouse events this is not very handy if you got a lot of buttons.(like me)
    2. it destroy all the default click events.
    3. you need a extra label to change the color of.

    so is their a better way of handling a button hover.

    for example.

    there is a default Click

    @void Dialog::on_pushButton_clicked()@

    is there also a default Hover like below.

    @void Dialog::on_pushButton_hover()@

    Or is there some other way of detecting a hover on a button.

    Thanx in advanced for the info.


  • There are virtual protected functions:
    void QWidget::enterEvent ( QEvent * event )
    void QWidget::leaveEvent ( QEvent * event )
    you can use

  • ideed that wil work.
    i still have to put in a lot of code but it keeps the default mouse click events.

    I am stil finding it a little disappointing that is not included as a default event for a button

    but yes i will get is to work.

    Thanx msue

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