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Qt creator 3.2.X high cpu usage in editor

  • Even in simple applications (as simple as QWidgets app made from wizard) qtcreator.exe spikes to 50% (1 core) every other time when editing code. Seems like it parses the whole project even after several new characters where typed in, making it unresponsive and to some point unusable.

    This gets worse with project size, so after adding several cpp/h modules with a dozen of classes it makes people nervous.

    The same project works flawlessly in Qt under debian, su I suppose it's connected to WinXP_x86.

    Qt Creator running on Win7 doesn't show such behaviour either, so it's definitely WinXP-related problem

  • Removing Options -> C++ -> Code model -> Ignore pre-compiled headers option (this is set by default) seems to fix the issue - code completion and parsing is smooth now. I don't use PCHs in my projects explicitly, so don't know whether it influences its supposed aim to improve performance.

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