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Can't create keyboard shortcut with F2 key

  • I like to have have my NextBookmarkInDocument set to F2 and previous to SHIFT + F2 but Qt Creator wouldn't allow it, why? If I set it to F2, it just doesn't work. IF I set it something else (combination key) than it works. I really want one key button to go to next bookmark, how can I make it work? Thanks

    I am using Qt Creator 3.2.2 open source.

  • F2 is hardcoded for "Follow symbol under cursor" action.
    I guess there is a logic that prevents to execute your own action for F2.

  • I was wrong about hardcoded shortcuts.
    You need to change shortcut for "Follow symbol under cursor” or remove it to make F2 works for NextBookmarkInDocument.

    "The doc":http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-3.2/creator-keyboard-shortcuts.html says "The shortcuts that are displayed in red color are associated with several functions. Qt Creator executes the function that is available in the current context. If several functions are available for the same shortcut at a time, there is a conflict and Qt Creator cannot execute any function."

  • Thanks, how can I know in options how many actions are tied with F2? I can obviously create as many shorts cuts with a single key but I can't see who actions are binded with F2 key.

    My F2 is not working even for 'Follow cursor..' and your post explains it why but don't know where to find connections that I need to disconnect! Thanks!

  • If you open "Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard":http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-3.2/creator-keyboard-shortcuts.html dialog and enter F2 in the top "Filter" line you will see all F2 related bindings.

  • Ok it was not difficult to find out, I just looked for red and scrolled the list and disabled the F2 in one place now it works to take me to symbol.

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