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[SOLVED]How to install full opengl for winGW ?

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    Trying to convert some older opengl samples and
    found out that im using ANGLE and not full opengl.

    On this page
    it says
    The Qt project offers binary installers for both variants.
    then I go to download and can find

    • Qt 5.3.2 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2013, OpenGL, 573 MB) (info)

    but i need it for minGW

    So where do I find that one?

    Thank you

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    Anything starting with "glu" is part of an obsolete GLU package that is not part of OpenGL standard and you should not use them anyway, especially in new projects. If you're following some tutorial etc. then I'd suggest to look for a more up to date one. One of the biggest problems of OpenGL (IMO) is the ocean of outdated information out there. Look for something for (at least) OpenGL 3 and we are up to 4.5 now (at least on the desktop).

    The "glut" one is from a GLUT (equally obsolete) library and it is used for windowing and input. You don't need that at all since you are using Qt and QGLWidget that give you far superior capabilities.

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    aha, its old school.
    well its not a tut. its code.
    And yes, I agree. All code is very old and it seems that
    Qt has a framework for init, resize, display cycle etc.

    but I cannot seem to find anything like Lookat ?

    4.5 . Got it.
    thank you

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    To be honest more like 4.3 ;) 4.5 is officially out but there are no drivers yet (apart from a beta from NVidia) and AFAIK OSX supports only 4.3.

    The thing with LookAt is that all the fixed function and math stuff was removed from core profiles (OpenGL 3). The current approach is that you create any transformation matrices on your own (i.e. there's no OpenGL function for it). and pass that to a shader as a uniform variable.

    The "on your own" part can mean anything you'd like. Can be a 3rd part library (I recommend "GLM": or something from Qt, like "QMatrix4x4::lookAt":

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    hehe. Fair enough.

    GLM seems really nice and high level. I try it out.
    Thanks for the nice input.
    much appreciated.

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    [quote author="mrjj" date="1417438162"]Ahh, I guess its just me being very new to opengl[/quote]Not a problem; that's what forums are for :)

    Thank you Chris for your detailed explanations.

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