QML interface not fully initialised when main window is shown

  • Hi

    I have a mixed C++/QML application whose UI is written completely in QML. However, at startup, I have noticed that there are cases when the interface is displayed but some QML elements are not fully initialised, thus the entire application needs to be restarted. This happens rather randomly. Could you recommend a way to show the main window only when all QML components are fully initialised ? I am using Qt5.3 on OS X Yosemite.


  • This isn't enough information to go on. Can you create a small code sample that replicates the problem? In the meantime I'll take a stab in the dark. Having a long running process in the main GUI thread can cause problems. The UI won't properly display until the event handler is running. If you have some initialization task that takes a while then you need to use a worker thread to handle that and let your GUI thread complete.

  • Unfortunately creating a sample application won't be possible because the application is quite complex. For now I am using a sleep() just before showing the application.

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