How can I combine C++(QtWidget) UI with QtQuick UI in the same app?

  • Hi everyone ,

    QQuickWidget class was introduced with the advent of the new version of Qt 5.3 and works perfectly if the application runs on Windows / Linux but I noticed that the Android platform is not supported. I would like to know if anyone has faced this problem too and if there is an alternative to QQuickWidget that works on Android. What I am trying to do is to combine QML and C++ so I could open a new QtQuick interface from QtWidget form. I tried before QQuickWidget to use QWidget::createWindowContainer and QQuickView and also worked well on Windows but not on Android. Does anyone know if it will settle the subsequent versions or someone tried Qt 5.4 ?

    For example this project:

    works fine on Windows but on Android emulator it only appears the Window with LCD number and the second Window which contains the Qml and the QQuickWidget is empty.

  • Hmm, i think the problem here can be the fact that Android can't handle multiple global windows. But the sample application tried to create two separate windows this can be the problem here.

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