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[Solved] Qt Linguist - Independent executable

  • Hi Team,

    This is bit closer to my previous question.

    Since it is a different post, I shall explain the need.

    I am developing a Qt application, which has 300 strings in it approximately. And the application supports around 18 languages.

    I am currently working on adding the translations. In order to help me, I am seeking help from other team members working from different geographical locations.

    As I understand, Qt linguist is an excellent tool to add the translations.

    I want my team members to use Qt linguist to add the translations.

    AFAIK, Qt linguist comes along with Qt package.

    I cannot ask everyone to install Qt linguist, as it is bit complicated to make everyone to have complete setup.

    Can I get just only Qt linguist installation? Or can I export the my installed version of Qt linguist to my team members?

    Please help me out.

    Thank you,

  • Moderators

    Yes, you can send them just the linguist application (keeping in mind the "deployment guide":

  • That makes sense! Thank you Sierdzio!

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