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Deploying a standalone .exe of project

  • Iv started trying to use Qt to work on a school software development project. However before i am going to start taking everything into QT from eclipse, I want to make sure I can create a standalone exe file to be run. In the mean time Iv created a simple program just to make sure I can get everything to work.
    So far iv been directed to this to help, but almost every command i try receives an error along the lines of " 'configure' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file "

    Iv also been trying to work with a program called Dependency walker with the release exe to try and create something that could be taken for example on a flash drive and run on any computer (or at least installed and then run via a packaging program).

    If anyone could help me try and work this out i would appreciate it.
    Thank You

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt dev net!

    You follow the instructions containing configure only if you want to build Qt itself. Those are not for building your .exe.

    Use Qt Creator to build your .exe, then follow the instructions at

  • Hi thank you for directing me to the site, this seems to be closer to finally getting to my goal.

    the tutorial in that article has me pulling files from directories inside the foler 5.2.1 . Im assuming thats just a version number as mine is 5.3. However inside that folder i do not have the "mingw48_32" insted mine has the following

    wondered if you would know where i should look inside instead?


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    The tutorial says "mingw48_32" because it used the 32-bit MinGW 4.8 compiler.

    What compiler did you use? If you used 64-bit MSVC 2013, then take the DLLs from msvc2013_64.

    (By the way, I'm curious: Why do you have so many versions of Qt installed?)

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