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Usr/bin/ld:can not find -lqt

  • hi i am new to -QT- Qt.i am using QT4.5 on Redhat Linux 5.1. i am installed ArcGIS Engine10 for GIS applications.
    i am trying to run sample application of ArcGIs engine on Qt plotform but the application not compiling.
    i am getting below error:

    usr/bin/ld:can not find -lqt. but ‘lqt’ libraries are already have a soft link.

    when i am running sample of C++ application it is compling and i am able to get the output.

    why the application is not compiling in -QT- Qt,

    help needed

    thanks in advance


    Edit: deleted double post in the General and Desktop forum. Also, please remember that it is Qt, not QT (QuickTime); Andre

  • Your question is not worded very clearly, but I gather that you are trying to compile a sample application from a third party, but that it won't compile on your system. Did I understand that correctly?

    If the above is the case, I suggest you ask for help in a channel dedicated to that third party application (ArcGIS). They can help you better than we can, because they know what is needed for their software to run. You can not expect many people here to be familiar with arcGIS.

  • thank's andre..

    your understanding is correct.

    i have a Knowldge of Thirdparty(ArcGIS).all ArcGIS libraries linking well.when i am
    compiling the C++ Thirdparty(ArcGIS)application exe is creating and i am able to get
    the output.

    but when i am running QT Thirdparty(ArcGIS)sample it is not compling..

    error is:
    usr/bin/ld:can not find -lqt.

    but ‘lqt’ libraries are already have a soft link.

    i think qt libraries are not linking

    any idea about this???

  • I understand that, but the sample is provided by ArcGIS, not by Qt. It is very hard to see what's going wrong based on just the linking error you give us. The ArcGIS people know what you put in the example and how it is constructed; we don't.

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