Non Native Gui

  • I was just curious about making a non-native cross platform GUI. I just installed the Qt SDK on my windows machine and I fired up the Qt demo short cut and the Gui is obviously using custom buttons and many of them animated and it is a really nice setup I was curious on some information one producing a similar GUI.

    Here is a picture.

  • The qtdemo is QGraphicsView based and somehow "aged"... nowadays everyone would suggest QML to do the same thing :-)

  • You have a few choices:

    QWidget based gui with custom style sheets or custom C++ style. Still leads to difficulties when wanting to do animations.

    QGraphicsView which is what is used here.

    QML which is based on top of QGraphicsView (at the moment).

    QML is probably the easiest to get up and running quickly.

  • okay I will look into those thank you.

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