QTCreator doesn't stop in my breakpoints in one project but not in others

  • I have a problem with the debugger. My program has 2 projects that work together. One executes (project1) (is the active project running) and uses functions from the other (project2).

    In this case I have both project on Debug Mode. The option in Projects is correct in both. I use the "Start Debugging F5" button to execute my program.

    The most rare case is that in the project that executes (project1) if I set a breakpoint, QT Creator stops there. But if I set a break in project2, and I Start Debugging project1 that uses project2 it doesn't stop.

    But I know that is executing this peace of code because I put a qDebug() line to see if it goes over there and in every execution I can see this line in the Application Output.

    I have seen other discussions with similar problems but none solves mine.

    I hope someone could help me.


    Best regards

  • Do you use second project as a shared library?

    Try to put break point immediately before calling a function from project2 and then create breakpoint in that function. Does it work?

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