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Swipe event

  • Dear All,

    Very nice to meet you all.

    This is Magesh from INDIA.
    i would like to make a swipe or flick support on screen.

    based on a swipe(left or right) the next screen should be loaded.

    I have analyzed the following component.
    SwipeDirection QSwipeGesture.horizontalDirection

    Does this event handler will be invoked while the horizontal swipe is happening ?

    Waiting for your suggestions.

    Thanks in Advance!!!

    Best Regards,

  • Please, give us some context.
    Are you using Qt Quick 2 ? or it is a QWidget-based application ?

  • Qt widget based application built in cpp.

    planning to use a transparent widget and by flicking that widget or swiping the widget horizontally, the transition should happen.

    So i am planning to use this function as an event handler for my screen.

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