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[SOLVED]My little,small program has problems (Ubuntu 14.04, Qt5, Code::Blocks)

  • Ok i am going to post a series of pictures i took, with some red annotations on them:

    Picture 1 : My Main.cpp


    Picture 2 : Qt5.3 Directory on Ubuntu

    ! Directory structure on Ubuntu)!

    Picture 3 : Additional include directories on Code::Blocks

    ! include Directories)!

    Picture 4 : Linker Directory i've included on Code::Blocks

    ! for Linker)!

    Picture 5 : Linker Libraries i point to

    ! Libraries)!

    Picture 6 : Some other options

    ! options)!

    Picture 7 : And the error i am getting when i finally run the program


    This is the first time i'am trying to go into Qt5 on Ubuntu and i need to work with Code::Blocks,
    because this is the IDE i am most confordable with in case someone suggest QtCreator. I know its
    powerfull but i will use Qt5 only for some parts, not the whole project will be based on Qt5. Is there any good
    tutorial-introduction you know about Qt5 and Linux in general?

  • The issue was that in linker settings i didn't include Qt5Widget library. I feel dump.

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