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Deploy local Qt libraries to temporary directory option to deploy Qt libraries?

  • Hi,

    As my client gives us some time to do an feasibility study on Qt with 'android' (also in ARM based boards), We found Qt is bit flexible in development and better look and feel for Human Machine Interface apps.

    One of major Issue we saw is the size, i.e *.apk generated with size avg 15-20 Mb.

    According to Qt Docs while installing .apk file via QtCreator, there are three options.

    As nearly more than 15Mb size & initial start up time for app by qt apks takes a lot of time makes to avoid the "Bundle Libs with apk" option. As the user don't want always a 'monkey on shoulder' will usually avoid ministro. The better option I felt is "Deploy local Qt libs to temporary directory".

    As I saw an option for "Deploy local Qt libraries to temporary directory option to deploy Qt libraries", as _
    "To deploy new Qt libraries to the device, select Clean Temporary Libraries Directory on Device. The next time you deploy the application, Qt libraries are copied to the device again."_


    1. While choosing the clean option by some one else in future, will cause to collapse our applications? Is that right?
    2. One APK needs svg, got deployed in Qt's "tmp" dir. Later some else created an APK without svg, and in APK he gives to clean the option, then our application will be down? Is that right?

    Similarly, can any one here have a word on pros & cons for this option?
    Or is there any way to decrease the size of APK?

    I'm using Qt 5.3 with QtCreator 3.0


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