Problem with sslechoserver

  • Good day
    I'm witing some application based on QWebServer and have several problems

    I built QT (version 5.3.2) with ssl support (version 1.0.1j)
    (MS Visual stodio 9.0)

    After that I built sslechoserver and sslechoclient from qtwebsockets/examples/websockets

    What I have

    Step one: start sslchoserver (port 1234) with native localhost.sert and localhost.key and got
    ":SSL Eche Server listening on port 1234"

    Start sllechoclient: ("wss://localhost:1234") and got
    at server: Cilent connected
    at client: Hello World
    All work, nice

    But when I want to connect to server from browser (Firefox 33) using native sslscoketclient.xml
    or ("wss://localhost:1234")
    I got "ERROR: undefined"
    (I registered localhost.sert in Firefox)

    I have no idea
    NOTE 1: sslsocketclient works with "wss://" works properly
    NOTE 2: sslechoserver andsslecoclient don't work (client does not connect to server) if I change ports to 443 -(
    Can you help me ?

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