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Can I filter out qDebug() messages in Qt Creator's Application Output?

  • As DalvikVM produces too many messages, is it possible to redirect my out debug messages outputted by qDebug() to some other console output or filter out? Or is this a missing feature of Qt Creator?

  • This is awesome for Desktop! Thank you! I'll use it in my Desktop projects but I don't see how is it going to really help on an Android device or maybe I missing the point.

  • I mistakenly assumed that you need a filter messages in your application. Then "qInstallMessageHandler": would be useful.
    But it does not help to filter the application messages in QtCreator.

    In QtCreator project setting, run configuration you can select custom executable.
    On Linux development host you can create a script that will start your app and then filter out all unnecessary messages.
    I have not tried to use QtCreator for android development yet so don't know if start app through a script will work for android.

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