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QApp macro returns QtCoreApplication

  • Been using PyQt in a Qt based application that includes a python interpreter to create scripted tools with interfaces that integrate well with the base application.

    To do this i have been using QtGui.qApp to gain access to the running application in order to access the applications windows to insert my own interfaces.

    In PyQt this works fine and from qApp i get back the QtApplication instance, however when trying it with PySide i now get nothing back from the qApp macro so insted i try to use QtGui.QApplication.instance() and then i get a QCoreApplication back instead which does not give me any access to the widgets of the application.

    Any thoughts on why this may be?

  • Sounds like PyQt is nice and casts the QCoreApplication pointer to a QApplication pointer for you. For some reason PySide does not appear to be doing this. I do not know python so I am not sure if it is possible to do the cast yourself or not.

  • Maybe your problem is related to this bug: . It was fixed today. If possible you can use the nightly build version: - yes, it's bleeding edge :)

  • looks promising, thanks for the heads up.

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