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QT Creator Forces Screen Resolution Change In Red Hat

  • Qt Creator 3.0.1 based on Qt 5.2.1 running on virtual machine via oVirt: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x x64; 8GB RAM; 60GB Hard Drive; 4 cores.

    Whenever I run qtcreator--even from the command line to check the version--the screen resolution changes to 1920x1200. I am unable to set it back to the correct resolution so long as qtcreator is running. Attempting to do so causes a resizing loop and I end up having to power cycle my virtual machine from oVirt. This behavior is not observed in other applications, like Eclipse.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks for any help.

    Edit: Worth noting, when i run my qt program from the command line, the screen resolution also changes. I guess this indicates that it's a qt issue and not qt creator?

  • So this is not the ideal way to correct the issue but here is my workaround:

    open up the offending applications at a "safer" resolution--one much smaller than the maximum available. Start the offending applications, and you should observe no issues. Uping the resolution should then be possible without problems. I used 1024x768 as my safe resolution to get up to 1920x1080.

    For multi-virtual monitor setups, you may also need to reorder the monitors in Display Preferences so that display 2 is on the left and display 1 is on the right--the opposite of default. At this point, upping both displays to the correct resolution was possible without the cycle spasms described in the original post.

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