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Pure QML module

  • Hi everyone,

    let me start by telling you, I read all the documentation on qml modules.

    Before I was using relative path for my import, it was working fine but now I wanted to switch to module name so I changed my qmldir file:
    @module GCore.ScreenManager
    ScreenManager 1.0 ScreenManager.qml@
    There is no c++ its only a qml file.

    The import path seems to be fine, Qt Creator can find the module definition.
    for example: import GCore.ScreenManager 1.0, there is no problem, everything is compiling, qt creator autocompletion is working. I simplified my setup, I am using only a single res file with my project+module .qml in it.

    But when i deploy to android and I run the project i get::
    @"W/Qt ( 2040): qrc:/src/main.qml:6 module "GCore.ScreenManager" is not installed".@
    Any ideas why?

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