QMediaPlayer positionChanged(). Problem with slider updating

  • Hi everyone,

    i try to use QMediaPlayer class to play simple wav-file (PCM 16sle). I have a form with buttons and horizontal slider. To update slider position i use connection of signal positionChanged() with slot of my form. Sounds fine, but everytime on positionChanged() signal receiving, sound of playing has file interrupted. I hear it perfectly, NotifyInterval is 250 ms, so 4 time per second - interrupt.
    My code is same with other simple examples, it's like here:
    @ //QMediaPlayer object creation
    _player = new QMediaPlayer(this, QMediaPlayer::LowLatency);

    connect(_player, SIGNAL(positionChanged(qint64)), this, SLOT(on_PlayerPositionChanged(qint64)));
    _player->setNotifyInterval(250); //interval 250 ms
    ui->slPlay->setMaximum(static_cast<int> (_curWavFile->GetDurTime()) * 4);

    //This is SLOT
    void SpectrogramWindow::on_PlayerPositionChanged(qint64 val)
    ui->slPlay->setSliderPosition(static_cast<int> (val / 250));

    Please, could somebody help me?

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