How to manipulate(animate) one-type image objects in qml from c++?

  • Please help me. Sorry for my english, if you have any questions - write, i will try answer you. so here in my question - i need to create application with qt quick where i will modeling evacuation passengers from plane but its another theme. I newbie in qml and i want to write logic of passengers on c++ and visualize it with qml animations. its will be picture like this and on it will be little rounds animating in qml and his logic will be write on c++. how can i create array of passengers in c++ and animate it on picture in qml? write me classes or methods what i need to use or give link to exemples where i can read how to do it? and how i can create array of passengers in c++ and integrete it to qml?

    Thank you, who reply to this post.

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