QtCreator and custom widgets ( MSVC or MINGW version )

  • Hello.
    I've been playing around a while with the linux version of Qt and it all goes fine.
    I've wrote a couple of custom widgets and they are working great.
    But when I switch to the windows version, the do not load.
    In the tools / form designer / about plugins I got the "... module not found ..." error.
    As far as I found out, the problem is that Qt Creator is built upon MSVC ... ( as seen in the about dialog )
    As from reading I guess that a QT Creator version compiled with MINGW must be used.
    Is the qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482_opengl-5.3.2.exe file supposed to be the correct one ? ( ... in the about dialog shows MSVC ... )
    If not, is there an official installation compiled with mingw or do I have to compile my own ?


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