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QFileDialog being slow when clicking on "My Computer"

  • I am trying to use the QFileDialog to allow a user to choose a folder. When I use the code down below no matter what computer I test it on when the user selects "My Computer" It hangs for 5-10 seconds. Currently been testing in Windows 7.

    Thanks ahead

    @QFileDialog fileDialog(this,"Choose folder",QDir().currentPath());
    if(fileDialog.exec() == QDialog::Accepted)
    //Do Something

  • Does opening up "My Computer" take a long time on these machines outside of Qt? In Windows Explorer for example or some other application? In general Windows sucks if it has slow network links to domain controllers or domain members to which you have mapped drives.

  • Nope, These are regular home computers. Opening my computer normally is instant.

  • OK then. Which version of Qt are you using? I suggest that your get yourself a debug build of Qt 4.7.2 and build a simple test application againt it which reproduces the problem. Then run it in the debugger and step into the QFileDialog call that is beign slow and see which part of the code in Qt is leading to the delay.

    Good hunting!

  • ya I could try that I guess. Running 4.7.2. I am compiling it with minigw not sure if thats related.

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