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How can I extend/write a new debug helper for Qt Creator and CDB?

  • Hey

    We're switching from using GCC/GDB in our project to MSVC 2013/CDB but would still like to use Qt Creator as the IDE. One of the last remaining issues is that we have a few debug helpers written in Python for Gdb for some really opaque internal datastructures and we absolutely need a version of that we can use with CDB, which I understand would have to be written in C++ and compiled into a .dll

    I've googled quite a bit and search this forum, but haven't found a good starting point for how to tackle this.
    Can anyone here please point me to examples or tutorials or just something that could put me on a path on how to accomplish this?


  • Hi,

    did you figure out how to solve the problem of how to create a "Debugging Helper" for CDB?
    In the Locals and Expressions window, added arrays only display up to 100 elements.
    If the array is bigger, each required element has to be added manually.

    for exampl arr[130]

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