How to Qt Screen Capture using GrabWindow

  • Hi,

    I am new to qt and programming world and please help me with this problem. I am runnign Qt on VxWorks and trying to capture Qt Window screen using grabWindow.

    below is the function that I used. When I run, it prints the debug msg but does not generate any files.
    Please correct me if I made any mistake.

    Also how to I change the path where the file is saved?

    @void ScanControlInterface::TopDisplay_Capture( )
    QPixmap capture = QPixmap::grabWindow(QApplication::desktop()->winId(),0,0,QApplication::desktop()->width(),QApplication::desktop()->height());
    QByteArray ptrImgRawData;
    QBuffer buffer(&ptrImgRawData);;,"PNG");

    qDebug ("ScanControlInterface::Screen captured");


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