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Installation problems for windows qt5.3

  • I am trying to install qt5.3 for windows using the mingw compiler and have tried both the on-line and 'off-line' installation downloads. Both have given the same string of errors:

    The first of these errors, in a standard windows message box, is:
    Error during installation process qt53.doc
    Error while extracting 'installer://qt.53.doc/5.3.2-0qt5_docs.7z' Could not open.
    file:( No name specified)

    The second is:
    Error during installation process (
    Error while extracting 'installer://':could not open file
    (no file name specified)

    This could be a clue as I did not want the 'Visual Studio' option.

    There then follows about another five errors - all appearing in message boxes - all similar 'Error while extracting. Some are documets [.doc] and some are executables but still ending in the .7z extention.

    I would post a screen shot here but could not get it to render properly on the forum.

    The installation eventually hangs.

    I am using Windows 7.

    John T.

  • [quote author="UKall" date="1416384654"]7Z is a compression format. It can be opened with 'seven zip', but not with zip or tar programs. There is a free 7-Zip program by Igor Pavlov, see

    The files should be in the path where you install the package (c:/qt/....)
    I suppose they are temporary during setup process as I dont see them after installation here.

    Have you also checked wether your download might be corrupted?


    Interesting 7zip site and software. Now:

    Would you believe it: on the third time that I tried to install 5.3 all worked successfully. No Errors during install and my projects build. I did notice a windows update take place at some point so maybe that helped.

    Thanks for everyone for taking the time to look into this.

    I am not sure I want to mark the thread as solved yet as the problem has really just 'gone away' rather than being 'solved'.


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