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Where are the sdks?

  • I keep hearing that despite Nokia deserting Qt, there is lot of scope for Qt but I am yet to come across any other products SDK except symbian ^3 mobiles and desktop ( Desktop already has too many tools so Qt is superfluous IMHO) .
    Where is SDK for say photo frames? or car dashboard, Navigators, Medical devices etc? What will an individual developer develop for once Nokia goes over to windows mobile?

    EDIT: moved to "The Lounge" as it is not a special general Qt dektop topic, more a dicussion about where to use Qt

  • Qt itself is the SDK.

    It is used for Desktop, and it's greatz there. Cross Platform, all needed tools inside.
    Also it is available pebuild for MeeGo, Symbian 3.
    The code is available for other embeded systems (embedded linux incl.).
    What else do you need?

    You want nokia to build in special medical things which will be used by, let's say 10 commercial customers? That should be added by them, as they are the experts for medical stuff. We are using it for CNC machines. We don't want nokia to build CNC stuff, as they are not experts there.

    It is a basic framework with UI, Threadding, XML, system abstraction layer, OpenGL, SVG, ...

  • As Gerolf said, just compile Qt for an embedded device if that is where you wish to use it. The desktop space does not have too many tools - especially good cross-platform ones. There are still gaps in Qt that would be useful on the desktop.

  • I thought Qt is a framework for Symbian.
    May be I need to rephrase my question - where are the selling opportunities like OviStore for mobile? For embedded apps where would an individual developer go to sell? For iphone & ipad we have Appstore, For bada we have samsung store (or whatever) , for webOS we have palmgear (or whatever) , for Android we have a store so where will a developer sell Qt embedded app when Ovistore closes?

  • For Android you have OviStore, Android Store (via the community Android port of Qt), Apple Store (via the community iOS port of Qt). Then of course there is the MeeGo platform now emerging. The Android port seems to be in a fairly advanced state. I am not sure about iOS.

    For embedded, you normally start with the device and build the software tailored for it. Or start with an idea, prototype it and then build a device suitable to run it. There is no generic store for embedded since the software and hardware in these cases are almost always bespoke.

  • I forgot about desktop, for which you can sell & distribute through any of the usual channels.

    What sort of project do you have in mind?

  • At present , I specifically want to build for Kodak photoframes and Canon cameras . I have been looking around for a way to integrate Qt in the devices but haven't come across any examples . Any link to the aforementioned device development will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  • You can take the sources of Qt and compile them for the device, the same way you compile your other sources. One of the requirements is to have a C++ compiler for the device :-) Then it depends, whether the CPU architecture and Graphics processing is supported or not. That depends hardly on the embedded hardware.

    Look around in the Qt documentation, there should be some statement about supportet processors etc.

    one example for embedded architectur: "embedded linux":
    Or look at the "supported platforms":

  • I doubt that Kodak or Canon provide the ability for you to upload your own applications to those devices but I would be happy to be proven wrong.

    If you are exceedingly keen to go down that route then you would probably need to reverse engineer the firmware on those devices. The "CHDK": project has done just that for Canon cameras but I do not think it uses Qt anywhere.

    If you want a more homegrown embedded project then a nice little project would be to get yourself a small board capable of running Linux (e.g. a Beagleboard, nVidia Tegra or similar) and a display of your choice, cross compile Qt for it and write apps to your heart's content :-)

  • I give up!

  • Why? What did you try and not have success with? Did you get some non-closed and suppported hardware that supports uploading applications?

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