Change from QtWidgets to QtQuick

  • Hello everyone,
    My name is Francisco Thiberio and I'm a student of civil engineering.
    I have been developing a program that is able to simulate hydrological process in watershed, rivers and reservoir. I have used the QtWidgets module for all development of user interface and I am satisfied with the result, considering that I didn't know anything about the design of a user interface before and took only few months to learn.

    However I think that would be a even great step if could make available the program to tablets and I want to use some animation too.However I don't know almost nothing about QML and QtQuick and would have to port all program before the end of this year.

    My concern is for instance with the following features:

    -be able to draw graphs easily(Currently I am using QCustomPlot, which is very straight forward)

    -be able to link the index of a QComboBox to a QStackedWidget or QStackedLayout or similar class.

    Everything that can be done with QtWidget can be done with QtQuick in similar manner?

  • Hi thiberi0,

    You can read this "documentation": to get started with QtQuick. Also you can find all information in official "documentation":

    If you use Qt 5.3 you can use "QtQuickWidget": to support QML and widget in you app.

    About graphs in QML you can use JavaScript Canvas or C++ code using "QQuickPaintedItem": Also you can use "QWT": with QML but this I don't tested and you need to research to find any information about using QWT with QML.

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