• Hi everybody.I developed an application and used ActiveQt to use it in C# as COM COMPONENT.My problem is when I compile my project with Qt 4.8.6 (that has been compiled for msvs 2012 64 bit) I got this error :Self Registration for d:......dll faild(when I add it as COM Component) but when I compile my project with Qt 4.8.6 and vs 2010 32 bit everything is ok and ther is no problem.I have to use 64 bit because I want to set my target build in C# 64 bit.
    @#ifndef OBJECTS_H
    #define OBJECTS_H

    #include <QWidget>
    #include <QColor>
    class QVBoxLayout;
    class QSubWidget;
    class CirclesGraphicsScene;
    class CirclesGraphicsView;
    //! [0]
    class Circles : public QWidget
    Q_CLASSINFO("ClassID", "{d574a747-8016-46db-a07c-b2b4854ee75c}")
    Q_CLASSINFO("InterfaceID", "{4a30719d-d9c2-4659-9d16-67378209f822}")
    Q_CLASSINFO("EventsID", "{4a30719d-d9c2-4659-9d16-67378209f823}")
    Q_PROPERTY(QColor backgroundColor READ backgroundColor WRITE setBackgroundColor)
    Q_PROPERTY(int circleNumber READ circleNumber WRITE setCircleNumber)

    void createScene();

    Circles(QWidget *parent = 0);

    QSize sizeHint() const;
    QColor backgroundColor()const;
    int circleNumber()const{return _n;}

    public slots:

    void setBackgroundColor(QColor color);
    void setCircleNumber(int n);

    void setAxesPen(QColor color, int w , int penStyle);

    void addCircles(int r, int n, int s, int e);

    .......//the rest@

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