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JNI via QML: Async or Sync

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    Component.onCompleted: {
    whatever = MyJni.getName();

    Let say the getName method return a string, Will it wait for the java and c++ method to return before executing nextline() ?

    Thanks !

  • yes is the short answer, nextline() will only be executed after MyJni.getName() returns.

    How is MyJni.getName() implemented? Does it spin an event loop while waiting for a result? If so, that could be problematic.

  • Nah my idea was to connect to the google play services through a JNI call, but apparently the gps connection is async and the method doesnt return anything to let me know when its done.. I need to know when its done to show my next screen only at this moment, I might have to go the other way around and call C++ from Java when the gps connection is completed..


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