Qt warning of type conversion already registered

  • I have a multi-thread Qt program where the Qt sometimes give a warning:

    Type conversion already registered from type QPair<QByteArray,QByteArray> to type QtMetaTypePrivate::QPairVariantInterfaceImpl

    I have found the warning is from this Qt's function:

    @bool QMetaType::registerConverterFunction(QtPrivate::AbstractConverterFunction *f, int from, int to)
    if (!customTypesConversionRegistry()->insertIfNotContains(from, to, f)) {
    qWarning("Type conversion already registered from type %s to type %s",
    QMetaType::typeName(from), QMetaType::typeName(to));
    if (f)
    return false;
    return true;
    I have checked my own code, nobody is calling this function, so it must be inside Qt's own function.
    Could any one give me a hint what's causing this issue or which function actually called the above function inside Qt's code.
    I am using Qt 5.3.2.
    I wonder whether this could be a Qt's bug instead of mine?

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