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A few questions about Game Development

  • Can my games created using QML be ported into the Meego Notebook?

    Also, is QML the best way to go for making a simple video game? It doesn't have any intensive computations, just uses lots of images, etc.

    Please let me know.


  • "lmgtfy":
    so I think it should be possible :-)
    Meego uses Qt.

  • Yes they can. MeeGo is closely integrated with Qt and therefore with QML, and it's the official platform.
    If you create apps using Qt/QML you can also reach other mobile platforms. There will be phones later this year. You can also run them on Symbian ^3, and Maemo.

    As for is it the best for games. Probably not. There are other specialized libraries for games, which are better, but with Qt/QML you can reach the biggest audience, because it runs on so many platforms. As I heard there are unofficial ports of Qt to android, iPhone, WebOS and many more.
    Not long ago I started working on a QML game "Sink Submarines": for the "MeeGo Coding Competition 2011":
    You could join us. :)

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