QtGlobal page found in Assistant but not in QtCreator help

  • I was looking for the list of precompiler macros and typedefs defined by Qt globally which is in Assistant. You have to open it as a stand-alone application, then click on the "Index" tab to find it, though (this item has the title "<QtGlobal> - Global Qt Declarations").

    Unfortunately, I looked for a way to locate it from within QtCreator, but since there is no "Index" tab there, I couldn't find it. How can I access the index from within QtCreator's Help?

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    Click on the "Help" button in the left pane. Next to it will be displayed a column of "Content" list. Up top there's a (not so obvious) combobox with which you can change "Content" to "Index". Then just type "QtGlobal" in the search box that appeared and you're golden.

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