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External libraries with windeployqt

  • I use windeployqt to create a release package that runs on other Windows computers. It was all fine till I was using only Qt libraries and QML,I'd just run this-

    windeployqt --qmldir C:\Qt\5.3\mingw482_32\qml myapp.exe @

    The resulting package worked fine. Now, I am using an external library and using "Add Library" from Qt Creator adds it to .pro as follows-

    @win32:CONFIG(release, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$PWD/third_party/qtkeychain-build/ -llibqt5keychain
    else:win32:CONFIG(debug, debug|release): LIBS += -L$$PWD/third_party/qtkeychain-build/ -llibqt5keychaind
    else:unix: LIBS += -L$$PWD/third_party/qtkeychain-build/ -llibqt5keychain

    INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/third_party
    DEPENDPATH += $$PWD/third_party/qtkeychain

    From Qt Creator, the project builds fine and runs file. However, windeployqt now complains-

    @Unable to find dependent libraries of C:\Qt\5.3\mingw482_32\bin\libqt5keychain.dll :Cannot open 'C:/Qt/5.3/mingw482_32/bin/libqt5keychain.dll': The system cannot find the file specified.
    Its because windeployqt doesn't read the .pro otherwise it would've figured out where is libqt5keychain.dll located.

    How do I tell windeployqt the dll's location so it can pick it up? I tried adding the dir to PATH, but that doesn't seem to work.

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    Try using --libdir flag. Or just copy the DLL into C:\Qt\5.3\mingw482_32\bin

  • the --libdir flag didn't work, it says it will "Copy libraries to path" but we want to tell it where to find libraries. I could copy the DLL to C:\Qt\5.3\mingw482_32\bin, but is that really the right solution?

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    Maybe the tool is not mature enough yet. Have you tried with Qt 5.4? I think it is a good idea to file a feature request on the bugtracker.

    [quote]but is that really the right solution?[/quote] If it works, then why not?

  • Hi! @sierdzio .

    > windeployqt --help
    Usage: windeployqt [options] [files]
    Qt Deploy Tool 5.14.1
      --libdir <path>           Copy libraries to path.

    I agree with @shaan7 . The flag --libdir means "Specify a path to store all libraries from windeployqt's deployment".

    > windeployqt "C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release" --list target --dry-run --libdir "C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib"
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\Qt5Core.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\Qt5Gui.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\Qt5Network.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\Qt5Svg.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\Qt5Widgets.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\libGLESV2.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\libEGL.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\d3dcompiler_47.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\opengl32sw.dll
    C:\b e s\build-project-Desktop_Qt_5_14_1_MSVC2017_32bit-Profile\release\lib\vc_redist.x86.exe

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