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[SOLVED] QtCreator does not show the cmake configure dialog

  • On my

    • ubuntu 14.04, I'm using
    • QtCreator 3.1.1 with a
    • qt4.8.6 kit and
    • cmake 2.8.12
    • cmake plugin is activated

    I can build the project from command line providing the necessary cmake options.
    But in case I try to open the project in QtCreator only the selection of the kit is displayed.

    But what I'm missing is the cmake dialog to provide the options from within the QtCreator. So the cmake run fails. Any suggestions?

  • Do not know whether it is intented behaviour or workaround:

    configured the project from commandline using cmake

    built the project from commandline using make

    opened QtCreator

    The "Configure Project" dialog is displayed.

    Select kit

    Select Details and than the build folder created by commandline build

  • I deinstalled QtCreator 3.1.1, cmake provided by Ubuntu 14.10 repository and installed QtCreator 3.2.1 from CMake was reinstalled in the meantime.

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