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  • Yes, I know this function has been deprecated, but I can't figure out a work around.

    I'm writing a plugin to a qt driven application called Maya, I desparately need this function to keep my redraws light. They can take several seconds to draw in ful, but I need to be able to interrupt them with any sort of input activity. However the event loop calls my routine basically once a frame, so it's not like I can just run my draw asynchronously in another thready.

    I've tried doing a processEvents, at intervals in my redraw, and had my filter return 0's (and set an activity flag if there is any), but this seems to mess with maya's events somehow (even though I don't accept events and return 0 from the filter). I'm getting lots of instability.

    I desperately need something I can call that will check if there's ANY activity at all on the queue. I am totally stuck.


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