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Creator 2.2 Issue

  • I just upgraded to the 2.2 beta from 2.0.1. I had tried to use
    2.1, but as I posted here previously, it had a weird bug on my Windows 7
    machine where it wouldn't open many of my projects.

    When 2.2 installed and opened my projects I thought I was free - until it refused to run my program,
    instead producing: "Process Starting... The parameter is incorrect".
    There were no build issues. Just that single completely unhelpful message when trying to run the app.

    I accidentally stumbled on the "general messages" drop down (which I had never actually known was there)
    and saw a message "unclosed string in .pro file line xxx". Apparently, deleting an errant quote
    fixed the issue and after rebuilding the app started.

    The floating quote in the line:
    LIBS += $${SomeFolder}/foo/project"
    never broke 2.0.1 and didn't produce a general message (I checked on a computer that hadn't been upgraded).

    Anyway, I guess the point is, this should definitely be upgraded to an error message when building!
    If I wasn't lucky enough to stumble on the "general messages" tab I would have just assumed it
    was a bug in the beta version. These sorts of major differences from previous versions should be explicit.
    I think 2.2 has the correct behavior (by being strict), but it should follow that up with proper error messages.

  • Why don't you just file a "bug report": ?

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