QtCreator: can't open Qt-sources with F4

  • Hi all,

    lately i stumbled upon the hint to make the Qt sources avaliable by using Tools->Options, Debugger->General and then "Add Qt sources ...". Now I have a strange problem: the debugger can access the .cpp-files of Qt but not the QtCreator.

    Therefore if I step into a qt-function while debugging, the proper .cpp-source file opens. In edit mode I reach the Qt-header-files using F2, but I can't reach the .cpp-source-file, neither with F2 nor with F4.

    Any ideas where to add the path for QtCreator?

    Thanks in advance

  • I figured out that the headers reached with F2 are the headers of the kid, while the debugger uses the path defined in Qt sources. That leads to the next question:

    Is it possible (and non destructive) to change the header path in the kids definition to the Qt sources?

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