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How to add a UI file afterwards

  • hi all,

    i'm having a hard time adding a ui file to custom widget for qt designer (.pri). could some point me into the right direction?

    in fact, this may - or may not :D - sound strange to some cpp gozu, still i would like to know how to do that so i can bundle together some widgets and use them as "custom widgets" in the external Qt Designer.



  • Just add a like like this to the .pri file?

    FORMS += mySuperCoolFormFile.ui

    I do that all the time, and it works just fine for me. What exactly is your problem?

  • thank you for your reply,

    i just tried that.

    my exact problem is that the generated plugin has no content. in my test case its just a collection of widget positioned next to each other (myevencoolerwidget.ui) - what i expect is to see my collection when i drag and drop my test1 widget in qt designer. instead its just a minimum sized empty and transparent "nothing". i can resize it, thats all :P

    thx again for answers ia,


  • Ah... so you are building a designer plugin? That is a bit more involved than just constructing a .pri file...

  • ;-) ... so could you be a bit more precise about the mentioned "involvingness" ...

    i do know that this way i can code what i want to have on my own and then use it in the qt designer (for instance to have a push button with a different example label ... ), but i'm trying to do so with less typing and more usage of the designer as i want to bundle some widgets together

    this way i can use them as one and don't have to re-arrange the same setup all the time. copy & paste worked out being a mucho headache because sometimes it's seriously hard to paste stuff at the right position and so on ... (alike exploding layouts because something little has to be changed)


  • [quote author="h3rky" date="1301588003"];-) ... so could you be a bit more precise about the mentioned "involvingness" ...

    Well, you might start with the designer manual then on this "topic":

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